Losing my weight loss mojo

by Ginger on February 18, 2011

in Becoming Myself

Well folks, we’ve been doing the #biggestbloggingloser thing for 7 weeks, and it’s official:

I’ve lost my mojo.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m still maintaining about a .5 pound weight loss every week, except for last week when the plague took over our house. So, yay and all that. (And YAY! I’ve met my “lose 1o pounds and maintain the loss for 2 weeks” benchmark for rewarding myself with something. I just need to decide what. I really want to buy my BlogHer ticket, but I was going to do that anyway, so should that really be my reward?)

But I’ve lost my oomph about it. I’m still tracking calories, and staying in my range, but I’m finding myself slipping in my choices a little more. It’s a slippery slope with me, a few days of “eh, what’s ONE order of french fries?” and soon I’m at “eh, why bother at all, give me ALL the french fries”. This is not good.

I also haven’t exercised, not once, in February (unless you count flying my almost 30 pound toddler around the room.). Also not good. Actually, this is probably the worst because this is the piece that I really, really, really need to remake a habit in my life. I am always going to need more activity in my life than I want. I like sitting, like A LOT. But my body needs me to move. Weight or no, my body, my heart, my muscles, they need me to move. And that’s something I’ve got to get back in the groove of.

So today, I’m recommitting to this thing. This weekend I will break out the Wii, and maybe even 30 Day Shred, again. Before we go grocery shopping this weekend, I will sit down and do some meal planning–something that helps me tremendously in making healthy choices for food. Next week, instead of coming home and putting on my pj’s, I will put on my workout clothes and tennis shoes. I will, because competition or not, this is about making me healthier. Happier. Fitter.

Losing weight is awesome (I’m wearing my engagement ring again for the first time in months! I can fit into more than one pair of my jeans!), but it’s more than that. It’s trying to retrain my brain that things like exercise is good. That I don’t need that extra side of fries. That a walk after work is better than coming home and sitting on the couch (sometimes).

So here we go–time to push through and regain my mojo.

Megan February 19, 2011 at 6:48 pm

It’s so hard to get in the habit if exercising. I eat reasonably well, but I almost never exercise. I’m trying really hard to remedy that, as well.

You are doing a great job. You’ve made wonderful progress, and you’re keeping yourself in check. Staying accountable is huge. I always fall into the worst habits when I start to make excuses.

Hang in there!

Tara February 20, 2011 at 7:41 pm

I hate when the weight loss blahs start to kick in…the exercise thing is always my downfall, too. I track everything I eat, I’m making more of an effort to make fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats the base of my diet, I choose apples over candy (most of the time). But getting up off of my couch for twenty minutes in the evening or getting out of bed twenty minutes early to do the 30 day shred every day? Seems next to impossible right now. Ugh.

I love your decision to ‘recommit’ though…good luck this week!!

Ali March 26, 2011 at 12:03 am

You were looking great this past weekend, as well, Ginger! Thanks for dropping me some comment love tonight! 🙂

I hope to see more of you at some local events! I’ve been pretty scarce, lately, as well, so I am making it a goal to show up more often, to events, instead of opting to stay home!

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