2011 To-Do List

  1. Read one book a month that isn’t work related. I failed on the one book per month thing. HOWEVER, if you take into account the couple of months I read more than one book, I still got over the 12 books this year threshold, which I’m totally going to count. Total books read 2011: 20. January: Best Friends Forever, Jennifer Weiner. February: NurtureShock, Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman. March: Fail. April: Sweet Valley Confidential, Francine Pascal; Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins. May: Bossypants, Tina Fey; The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Aimee Bender; Little Women, Louisa May Alcott. June: Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos; The Help, Kathryn Stockett. July: All 7 Harry Potter books. August: Fail. September: Fail. October: Fail. November: Blonde Bombshell, Tom Holt. December: The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach.
  2. Learn a great, go-to tortilla soup recipe. Sadly, fail. N.C. did figure out a good Mexican flavor-inspired chicken soup, but it’s not a tortilla soup like what I’m thinking of.
  3. Attend BlogHer ’11. Done! (BlogHer was awesome. I’m so glad I got the chance to go.)
  4. Try kale.
  5. Take Jackson to the San Diego Zoo. Member passes bought, and BOY are we getting our moneys worth. He LOVES the zoo.
  6. Finish The Biggest Blogging Loser. BOOYA
  7. Find an “everyday” cocktail that isn’t mostly acid or caffeine. Fail on this one too, but I did come to realize that a rum and diet coke works really nicely. The rum counteracts the caffeine, making it appropriate for anytime.
  8. Get one complete outfit that makes me feel smokin’ hot. I kept meaning to get a photo of it, but I did this. White pants, purple tank top, black blazer, black boots and some dangly jewelry, and I felt like a million bucks every time I wore it.
  9. Have at least one date night a month with my husband. I’d say we got about 70% of the year w/a monthly date night. Wish it was more.
  10. Create a media kit for my blog.
  11. Get a full physical. 
  12. Paint the dining room
  13. Cook more often. Big, fat fail. I miss cooking sometimes, but with our schedule, it’s just hard. I did do MORE, but not as much as I wanted.
  14. Buy a pair of shoes that I love, however impractical they may be. They were a birthday gift from my mom, but my sequined Converse are one of my favorite things EVER.
  15. Get my rings & earrings cleaned.
  16. Be more innovative at work. Let’s see. Apps, websites, social media campaigns, contests, budget work arounds, and management finangaling. I want to do better, but I think I did pretty well.
  17. Take (or have taken) a photo of me for Twitter & my About page.
  18. Bring more lunches to work than I buy. I’d say I hit about 50% of the year with this one.
  19. Go to the beach more than twice this summer. Success! We went at least 5-6 times this summer.
  20. Attend a Meetup.com event. Fail. But I DID go to a lot of blogger events to meet people I only know from the computer, does that count?
  21. Get a family photo taken. 
  22. Do our taxes before April. Finished April 2nd. GRRR.
  23. Go to bed before midnight at least a couple of times a month.
  24. Skype with my family more often.
  25. Say yes to as many social events as possible.
  26. Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary with something awesome. Trip to Vegas? Don’t mind if we do.
  27. Do one thing a month to pamper myself, make me feel pretty, or accomplished or special. You know, I did REALLY well with this, until about September. The entire end of the year though, has been incredibly tough on the “me” thing.
  28. Go to the Del Mar Racetrack during race season. Made it ONCE to the track where the surf meets the turf.
  29. Organize my desk at work more often than twice a year.
  30. Attend a concert.
  31. Visit a roof-top bar.
  32. Take Jackson’s handprints/footprints in plaster (or one of those kits).
  33. Be able to do 20 FULL pushups in a row. Ha. HA. HAHAHAHA.
  34. Celebrate my birthday with something other than dinner and a movie.  My birthday was fabulous, normal, and exactly what I needed.
  35. Get our Christmas cards out before December 15th.
  36. Redo the categories and tags on this blog.
  37. Get at least 5 guest posters for NoodleKnobs. So close–we got four fabulous guest posters.
  38. Organize my make up drawer.
  39. Lose enough weight to fit in this one dress in my closet that I haven’t been able to wear in 3 years.
  40. Drink more water.
  41. Get 3-5 pairs of shoes for work, so I can rotate them throughout the week.

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