Bring out the crazy

by Ginger on November 20, 2010

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What is it about the holidays that makes people so insane? So thoughtless? So oblivious to the people around them?

Today, we went to the grocery store to get all the bits and pieces for our Thanksgiving feast. I knew it was probably going to be crazy, so we made a very thorough list, and went in with a game plan to try to minimize 1) our exposure to the crazy 2) any opportunity for toddler meltdowns and 3) time in the grocery store. So we went in prepared. But even knowing it was going to be insane, it still bugs me how clueless people are. Or, if not clueless, how utterly self-absorbed. Some examples:

There was the woman who stopped with her shopping cart in the very middle of the doorway on her way out (to look for her keys I think), blocking anyone from entering or exiting the store.

There was the guy who turned around so fast without looking that he almost clocked me (and Jackson, who was in the Ergo) with his elbow as we walked past.

There was the utter clusterf@&* around the turkeys that resulted in several people getting “nudged” with someone else’s cart.

There was the guy who, as I was reaching for graham crackers, actually swooped in and grabbed the box I was reaching for (despite there being 4 other rows of boxes).

Why is it that the holidays inspire people to remove their brains, their common sense, and their knowledge that other people exist? I actually managed to not get too upset today with all these incidents, instead choosing to just shake my head and laugh a little, but it just boggles my mind when I stop and think about it.

For the holidays this year, I really wish everyone would be a little more aware and a little less self-involved.Or barring that, that they’ll at least not run me down with their shopping carts.

Megan November 20, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Ugh, I am so not looking forward to the crowds over the next month. The only thing I don’t like about the holidays!

Glad you all made it out alive!

Perpetua November 21, 2010 at 3:52 am

Yep, it’s the season when common sense and decency go right out the window. I wish you could get a turkey on Amazon. 🙂

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