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by Essentials on October 20, 2010

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When I first came home from the hospital with Jackson, I made a point to do my makeup everyday. It was the one thing, amidst all the leaking and crying and post c-section ickiness, that made me feel somewhat human.

Now, my makeup routine has ALWAYS been on the lazy side–I’d rather sleep an extra 5 minutes than spend a long time on my “face”–so doing my makeup meant at MOST 5 minutes. The components? Powder, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, and a tinted lip gloss. Super easy.

But during this time, I found myself looking for even more shortcuts. Which I found, in the lovely guise of cream eyeshadow. One little swipe, and you’re done. In theory. But a lot of them ended up creasing throughout the day (or, in some cases, after a few minutes).  I kept using them for months, for the ease, but would find myself disappointed in how they looked after a few hours. Until I found this stuff.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner
(shown in RSVP, which actually is less pink than this looks and is more of a champagne-y color).

This stuff is wonderful. Flat out wonderful. It’s one of the only cream shadows I’ve ever used that never creases on me. I wear it all day long, and no creasing. And this color is amazing, a neutral that’s flattering on me, with just a hint of sparkle.

Now, I’ll admit that it’s spendy. I actually got hooked on it with a sample that came free with something else I bought, because I’m rarely going to spend $19 on eyeshadow. In fact, I’m still using that sample pot MONTHS later.  But when it runs out, you can bet that I’ll be buying more. Here’s my justification though: 1) a little goes a really, really long way, so the pot lasts a long time  2) it’s a super versatile shadow that can be worn day & night, for running to the grocery store and a night out and 3) every once in a while, a splurge on something that makes me feel pretty is worth it.

So, if you feel like splurging on yourself for a pretty great eyeshadow? This is a great one to try. (but if you can get a sample, that’s even better!)

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