September 2010

Just what you want to talk about on a Friday!

September 24, 2010

On Thursday night, I was having a conversation on Twitter with Erin (@maraudererin) & Lisa (@pixelatedmama) about our catheter experiences. (oh, yeah, warning, I’m talking about catheters in this post. You’re welcome to run screaming now). Anyway, I was talking about how….uncomfortable…the removal was for me after my c-section. It was fast, but definitely a […]

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Rockabye baby

September 23, 2010

Jackson hasn’t been sleeping well. I think it’s the molars coming in, or occasionally nightmares, but it’s definitely not the status quo. In the middle of the night, he’ll wake up–not whimpering, or softly crying, but wailing. It’s the most heartbreaking sound. In those wee small hours right now, Jackson will only be calmed by […]

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Wonderful Wednesdays

September 22, 2010

It’s that time again–Wonderful Wednesdays! When we look at the good stuff to get over the hump of the week. So let’s get to it! This week, my wonderful is delightfully shallow and silly. That’s right, it’s the return of a full DVR as all my TV shows come back after summer break. I mean, […]

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Holy crap, I’ve got a career!

September 20, 2010

Do you ever look at the individual moments of your life with shock? Think “I find it bizarre that this is what I’m doing?” Because sometimes it’s just weird that it’s YOU doing something, not some character on a TV show? To illustrate what I mean: The last few days at work have been strange. […]

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ControverSunday: Better living through chemistry?

September 19, 2010

Yup, it’s ControverSunday time again! You guys know the drill by now–if you want to play along, grab the badge from Accidents and then head over to amoment2think to get listed up. Post on Sunday, post on Thursday, or any other day you want, we’re not picky! This week, we’re talking traditional and holistic medicines […]

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