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by Ginger on May 18, 2010

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This blog has gotten way too serious lately, and I’m starting to get all angsty about it. The last few posts may not show it, but I’m really adverse to confrontation and have never been one to put myself in the middle of disagreements. I’m basically the most passive person you’ll meet, and the last few blog posts here have me all twitchy and wishing I hadn’t put them out there. I don’t like the idea of alienating you guys, and ControverSunday notwithstanding, I’m not comfortable with the head space I’ve gotten to the last few posts.

So, I’m going to take a deep breath, step back and get back to something a little more…me. So how bout some pictures?

Sunday we had a really full, fun day as a family. First, there was the previously mentioned playdate–Jackson’s first! He did great and played well with the other little boy, but that’s where we realized that the batteries on my big camera were dead (always check before you leave the house, or make sure you’ve got extras!), and that I had forgotten the Flip. Which meant that the iPhone camera was going to have to suffice for the day.

Luckily, I think the photos from the iPhone turn out ok, for a phone camera. I got some great photos from the playdate, but I have a general policy that I won’t post other people’s photos without their consent and that goes doubly for other kids, so you’ll just have to imagine a sunny day and two of the cutest little boys in Southern California.

From the playdate, we decided we weren’t ready to head home, so a little jaunt down to the beach was in order. It was overcast at the water, which was fine by me, since it meant it wasn’t blazing hot! I had to bust out the Hipstamatic app for just one photo while we were there–I think too much of that app can be overkill, but look at this one and tell me it’s not awesome for the occasional shot!

Then it was time for a little family portrait. Don’t mind the surly baby, he really was having fun!

We did some good staring at the ocean. It’s so BIG you know, especially when you’re so little.

Then I decided to show Jackson how to antagonize seagulls. Which, come on, chasing seagulls is one of the best parts of going to beach, amirite?

At the beach, there was a little playground, so we thought it would be a good time to have Jackson try out the swings (for the first time)! I wasn’t sure he was enjoying himself, but then N.C. and I switched places, with me pushing him and N.C. in front and then he thought it was GREAT fun–is there anything better than baby belly laughs?

We ended the day with Jackson’s first slide ride, on the Daddy-mobile. I’m not sure he cared so much about the slide as he did all the kids that were around to stare at!

Sunday helped remind me, yet again, why I love living here. We have parks and beaches and sun and overcast days to enjoy pretty much year round. It was chilly at the beach, but nothing a light jacket and some running around couldn’t cure. And what better way to spend a day with your family than to just get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the place you live?

Her May 19, 2010 at 1:54 pm

That looks like a wonderful day! I still think Jackson is ridiculously adorable, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t even biased!

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