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by Ginger on April 9, 2010

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Hey look, I’m doing another daily blog thing! This time it’s Mommy in Chief’s Fess Up Friday Fun, where we get to confess all our sins/secrets/foibles from the week. Hooray! Let’s look at my week in bullet points, mkay?

  • The kid has started moving by army crawling or rolling to his desired location. And I. Am. Not.Thrilled. I mean, yes, I’m excited that he’s learning and growing and whatnot, but honestly, he’s already a super active little guy, and if this week has been any indication? Our lives are pretty much over now that he’s gotten some mobility. He immediately goes for the ONE thing in a room that he can’t get into (he really seems to like putting our shoes in his mouth, and while I’m not all crazy about germs and dirt and stuff–that’s gross). So begins what I’m sure is going to be years and years of chasing around after him saying “No Jackson.”
  • The whole food thing for the little guy is incredibly frustrating, and I kind of wish we could just skip ahead to when there aren’t so many “rules”. Feeding someone shouldn’t be so hard, but there’s so many conflicting opinions on what to do/not do about feeding a 7 month old. Are we feeding him enough? Too much? The wrong things?  Can he have this? That? Gah, it’s just food,  and we’re just talking 2 small meals a day, I know, but DAMN there’s too much to think about.
  • My child weighs 21 pounds. He is almost 30 inches long. He is 7 months old and is already in either 12 or 18 month clothing, and has almost outgrown his infant car seat. I worry sometimes about whether or not he’s getting too big, but since he still gets 90% of his nuitrition from breastmilk, everyone assures me he’s fine. I think once he starts crawling more regularly he’ll catch up to himself, but it does still worry me sometimes.
  • I’m frustrated because my big personal endeavor is a little stalled. Not from lack of desire, but because of other outside forces beyond my control. I’m mostly irritated because it just gives me time to second guess myself–more time to say I won’t be able to get any clients, I’m no good at networking, how do I think I’ll be able to build my own business. I need less time to think (second-guess) when I go to do things like this because the more I think, the more I think I beat myself up.
  • I really want to get in the pool because I think it might help my back, but the idea of trying to buy a swimsuit makes me want to weep a little. I’m not sure I have the self-esteem to handle swimsuit shopping 7 months post partum.
  • My judgemental thought of the week: Some people really need to get a life if they are still defined by high school and/or college(undergrad).

Whew, I feel better getting that all off my chest.

Carrie Meadows April 9, 2010 at 4:22 pm

Oh, just wait until you child starts walking… he can eat BITES of food, you can deny the boobie without feeling guilty, AND he will start getting as tall as he is heavy, like REALLY tall. When my son turned one and started walking, it was like an explosion of personality and mealtime fun. 🙂

Brooke April 9, 2010 at 5:29 pm

When they start walking, it is actually much easier. That is until walking becomes flinging oneself on the floor in the middle of the mall.

I didn’t realize you were working on marketing projects for authors. That is awesome. I did a stint at a (sketchy) PR firm in New York representing self-published authors. I love marketing, especially when it comes to writers.

Accidents April 9, 2010 at 5:42 pm

Jackson’s growth will slow down. Henry was busting out of 18 month clothes at 6 months, and now, at 13 months, he can still fit into some of them. Of course he can also fit into some 2T, because baby clothes sizes are trixy. He dropped from 98% in weight to 60-somethingth between two well-baby appointments, and the doc said that was totally normal. At some point they just level off, or, in Hank’s case, sprout up but don’t gain any weight. Then again, I got so used to his gaining weight like crazy that now that he isn’t it makes it harder to be cool about the fact that he’s the pickiest eater in the baby universe.

The mobility thing is rough, but life will adjust.

And finally, if I was an author or artist who had any wares to peddle, I would TOTALLY seek out your services. Keeping building your empire, one tiny brick at a time.

Katherine April 10, 2010 at 8:02 am

When it comes time for Jackson to get out of a car seat, he won’t grow fast enough.

I know of someone who certainly fits into that last one. Sigh. So sad.

Her April 10, 2010 at 4:16 pm

I hope you’re able to swim and find a swimsuit that you feel good in. Remember that everyone swimming is swimming to feel better, and they’re not going to be judging, or at least I wouldn’t be.

I’m also hoping that everything clears up so you can get your business up and running. Did you ever come up with a name for it?

Ginger April 11, 2010 at 9:40 pm

I was able to find a decent swimsuit at Target today. At least it doesn’t make me want to put on a giant parka, so it’ll do 🙂
I still haven’t come up with a name, but part of that is because if some of these outside forces don’t get resolved, I’m going to need to change the focus of the business a little, so I’m waiting to see where we end up. But I’ve got a little list of possibilities going!

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