March 2010

The 14 step cycle of naming your business or blog

March 15, 2010

So, as I mentioned on Friday, I’m working on a new venture for myself. And I’m super excited, and have lots of ideas and plans and so on and so forth. But the thing that’s been tripping me up thus far is naming the damn thing. So I present to you the cycle of naming […]

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Damn you Anne Shirley

March 13, 2010

I was recently doing some cleaning up of the drafts folder of my blog–you know, deleting the drafts that just had a title but I couldn’t remember what they meant, or the drafts with just a string of words that were obviously meant to be reminders when I finally got around to writing the post […]

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Something exciting is coming…

March 12, 2010

I’m working on something new. Something possibly exciting. Something to give me some professional joy in my off hours. I’m working on a way to take all the things I love about marketing books and authors and artists and brands and the internet and social media and make my own happiness. I want to take the […]

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Massages, pain pills, and x-rays, oh my!

March 11, 2010

So I took Thursday off. But, as you might have guessed from my title, not for any, you know, fun reason or anything. No, instead it was due to my inability to turn my head without excruciating pain. And the numbness in both my hands. And the inability to lift or hold the kid without […]

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ControverSunday: The Good and The Bad

March 9, 2010

Ok, yeah, it’s Tuesday, not Sunday. I’m a little behind the times. But luckily this group is pretty relaxed in the “schedule”, so I’m going for it anyway. This week, we weren’t given a topic–it was a free for all to write about whatever our little hearts desired. Which is the perfect time to talk […]

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