Something exciting is coming…

by Ginger on March 12, 2010

in Becoming Myself

I’m working on something new. Something possibly exciting. Something to give me some professional joy in my off hours. I’m working on a way to take all the things I love about marketing books and authors and artists and brands and the internet and social media and make my own happiness.

I want to take the things that I’m good at, the things I enjoy and bring that to my everyday life–even if it’s not my 9-5 job. So what am I good at? I’m good at big picture strategy. I’m good at analyzing how to adapt social media for individual books, authors, artists, and brands. I’m good at researching where a market is and where it’s not. I’m good at big picture that has lots of small details.

I’m good with books. I’m good with authors. I’m good with artists. I’m good with small brands that have personality and strong identities. I’m good with all those things. So that’s what I want to work on. I want to exploit my strengths ALL the time. Not just occasionally. I find all this stuff fun and energizing and I want to have that. So I’m going to make it happen.

And I know I should keep my mouth shut until I’ve got everything figured out and planned (since that’s how I normally roll), but I’m so excited about this that I can’t help but say something. Albeit on a Friday when no one reads my blog anyway! 🙂

The plan is coming, the details are coming, the ACTUAL is coming. But in the meantime, if you know of  any authors or artists who might be looking for some marketing help, go ahead and send them my way ( Because I’m going to make my own happiness–and I need some people to work with that want to use my passion and knowledge to their advantage.

Bluebelle March 13, 2010 at 3:33 am

Sounds exciting! Hope the plans go well!

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