February 2010

My happy list

February 22, 2010

Things have been rather morose around here lately, what with the lost cat, the sleep deprivation, the stress, etc. So I’m making today’s list a list of things that are making me happy. I’m wearing my wedding rings again.I had to take them off pretty early in my pregnancy, and even though I lost all […]

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ControverSunday: Vaccines!

February 21, 2010

This week’s ControverSunday is all about one of the biggest controversies in the parenting world–vaccines! Let’s piss some people off, shall we? There was never any doubt in our minds that Jackson would get vaccinated, with the recommended full schedule. We toyed briefly with the idea of delaying vaxs or spacing them a little, but that […]

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Oh, to catch some zzzzzz

February 19, 2010

So this week has kind of kicked my ass folks. Actually, scratch that kind of. This week has ROYALLY kicked my ass. Why? Well beyond the missing kitty and the crazy work and the overwhelming stress? Two words. Sleep. Deprivation. (I know, bitching about being tired as a parent, how original. But there’s no brainpower […]

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A cat shaped hole

February 16, 2010

My cat, Bailey, disappeared on Sunday. We haven’t seen him since. I’ve had Bailey for almost 9 years. I got him the summer after I graduated college, from an acquaintance who realized she didn’t have time for a kitten. I grew up with cats, and as soon as I had graduated and was living on […]

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ControverSunday: TV

February 14, 2010

Perpetua over at Our Lady of Perpetual Breadcrumbs has started a weekly “thing” called ControverSunday, wherein those of us who are interested can all talk about controversial things–we’re starting with parenting stuff for the time being, but may branch out into other topics. This is my attempt at sounding even 1/2 as intelligent as the […]

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