January 2010

10 questions for my future self

January 18, 2010

Some questions for the future me (or any of you moms out there!): How long does this hair falling out thing last? I’m kind of tired of hair everywhere. Will the breast milk leakage stop before I wean the kid, or am I stuck with lovely wet spots until then? Those night sweats–do those go […]

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Come out and say hello

January 15, 2010

Um, holy traffic spike batman–where did all you guys come from? Seriously, my traffic doubled yesterday, which is awesome and all, but I feel like you guys must have landed on the wrong site by accident. Anyway, I hope some of you new folks stick around so we can get to know each other! Anyway, […]

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Bullets to blog by

January 13, 2010

I’m completely done with today.Work is officially trying to kill me. I’m trying to launch 4 websites by the end of this month, completely overhauling one e-commerce shopping cart, updating our database, planning our big conference for February, running a contest, getting 3 catalogs created and oh yeah, all the day to day crap that […]

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Do what now?

January 11, 2010

Being a mom has led to some pretty strange situations already, and I’m only 4 months into this gig. I seriously have found myself in situations, and doing things that I could never even have fathomed 4 months ago. Let me share a few: Spending up to 1 1/2 hours a day with my boobs […]

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My working mom dream

January 7, 2010

I worked from home today. The kid had his 4 month check up, and that includes vaccines. Last time he got his shots, he wanted to spend all day nursing, plus we watch him to make sure he has no adverse effects from the shots, so working from home made the most sense. It was […]

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