Letters from a weary worker

by Ginger on January 29, 2010

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Hey, how bout some letters, hmmm?

Dear Work,

Please stop trying to kill me. I beg of you.



Dear Battlestar Gallactica,

I know, I know I’m late to finding out how awesome you are. But you are totally rocking my world. I’m already sad to think of you ending, even though we still have 2 more seasons to get through. What will I do without my fix of Starbuck & Adama & co.? Until then, you keep rocking.

Wondering who else is a Cylon(but don’t tell me!),


Dear Kid,

So I know you’re probably going through a developmental spurt or something, but mommy’s not loving this sleep thing you’ve got going on–or rather this lack of sleep thing. The multiple wake-ups every night is not helping mommy’s stress level, so if we could go back to how things were a week ago, sleepwise, mommy would REALLY appreciate it.

Awake only through caffeine,


Dear Internet,

Thank you for providing me with moments of inspiration and humor this week. The laughter, intelligence, fun, and perspective you’ve given me during this stressful time have really helped. Keep it up!


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