Joining the iphone cult

by Ginger on October 6, 2009

in Rampant Consumerism

Well, we finally caved to the siren call of the iPhone. After lusting after the damn thing for a while, we finally gave in. Since we’re already AT&T customers the decision came down to: do we change carriers or stay with AT&T so we can get the iPhone? Spoiler alert: the phone won out.

Of course, due to poor planning on our part, getting the phones meant we had to deal with the Apple store, the Genius bar, and the specialists there. I’m not sure, but they might include advanced douchebaggery in the training for the specialists. The hour we spent at the Apple store is one I don’t wish to repeat anytime soon–I swear, they feel the need to treat customers like they’ve never even heard of a computer or phone, much less that they may know a little about Mac products.

Anyway, after the fun hour we spent there, we walked away with new toys…errr, I mean phones. I’m pretty stoked myself–I’ve already fallen in love with the thing. First, since N.C. works at home, it can be hard to find time for me to be on the computer, so it’s kind of cool to have internet access while he’s on the computer. Secondly, given the amount of time I’m attached to the kid, it’s a great to be able to check email, write blog posts, catch up on my reader, etc., while I’m nursing him. It’s a great thing at three in the morning in particular!

But I have to ask…is it sad that we’re both sitting here playing with our phones rather than interacting with each other?

Katherine October 6, 2009 at 10:13 pm

Mac – now with superiority complex

Angela October 7, 2009 at 5:32 am

I think that’s what happens with any smart phone, but it will fade. I have the Palm Centro (SO cool when I first got it, but now it’s overshadowed by the Palm Pre), and I spent countless hours fiddling around with the thing.

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