by Ginger on May 12, 2009

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My brain only seems to work in little bits and pieces lately, so today you get a post full of the fragments in my head. Yay!

  • I had to spend an hour today at work explaining Twitter. It was more difficult than it should have been.
  • We finally did something baby related this past weekend–yay for getting a crib and a changing table (shockingly dirt cheap thanks to a floor model). 2 things down and what, 3000 or so to go?
  • Seriously, there is no way that one little person needs everything that they try to sell you. But making your way through that list is harder than it seems–all the marketing seems geared towards the “if you don’t buy this your child will die/be brain-dead/hate you forever” persuasions.
  • It cracks me up how much our cat loves the stairs in our new place. If we even walk toward the stairwell, he comes racing for it. And we also hear him playing on the stairs late at night. It’s cute, but really funny too.
  • I desperately want to take a little mini vacation before I get too much further in this pregnancy. We have some free airline tickets, and I can probably spare a day or two to make a long weekend. Where’s a good place to go in late May/early June (of the take it easy variety of vacation)? We can’t go international anywhere, since my passport isn’t up to date, so ideas for within the US?
  • I got my first Mother’s Day stuff this past weekend. It was weird. Sweet, and very nice of course, but weird.
  • I tried taking some pictures this past weekend and it appears I’ve forgotten everything I learned just a few short months ago. I VOW to get at least those meager skills back.
  • Why is it that on the drive home I have about 30 ideas for great blog posts, but by the time I get here, all I can remember are the random snippets type ones? Someday maybe I’ll get my writing juju back.
KT May 13, 2009 at 6:17 pm

Great place this time of the year? The Rockies! Yellowstone is something that is easily driven and all of the geysers are right off the road. I’m not sure the sulfur smell would be good though….

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Lisa May 16, 2009 at 8:17 am

Lol, I’ve had to explain Twitter a couple of times recently. It doesn’t seem to click until I show them the search and then I get the “well that’s kinda cool, I guess.”

As far as the pictures go, I’m sure you haven’t lost your skills, there are just those days.

Lisa´s last blog post..Blogging from the Mac for the first time.

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