by Ginger on May 6, 2009

in I'm a Disaster, Oh Baby!

I am so incredibly frustrated today, I could just cry. Or scream. Or hit something. Or go home and hide under the covers. Or all of the above.

Why am I so frustrated? Let’s count the ways.

  • Work has been killing me the last couple of days. Yesterday, I had one meeting that was an hour and 1/2 long, all about legal mumbo jumbo. Why I’m the one leading the meeting on the legal mumbo jumbo (um, hello, I’m in marketing kids) is still beyond me.
  • That meeting was followed up by a 2 hour meeting yesterday, and another 2 1/2 hour meeting this morning to decide something that by rights needs about 2 months to decide, strategize, plan and prepare for. Instead, we’re trying to do it in 24 hours. Sometimes I think my workplace is held together by spit and duct tape.
  • I am completely & ridiculously overwhelmed by my medical insurance, and the round-robin they have me on just to get one seemingly simple answer. In trying to get that one simple answer, I have now spoken with my HR department, my doctor’s office, and my insurance company, which of course has led me to a place where I have NO idea what’s going on, I get the distinct feeling I’m getting screwed by two of those entities, and I have no clue how on earth to move forward. They really need an insurance to human translator.
  • Of course, getting overwhelmed about my insurance leads to the inevitable freak out about how on God’s green earth we’re going to pay for this baby to even be born, and let’s not get started on how we’re going to manage during my maternity leave, and dear lord we’re going to be broke and destitute and living in a box with a newborn. (yes, I know, I’m freaking out and that’s all not logical. Chalk it up to hormones and talking to the insurance company).
  • And then, in the petty column over here we have the fact that my feet are too swollen for any of my shoes except flip flops, my fingers are too swollen for my wedding & engagement ring (the first time since I got married that I’ve been without my wedding ring), and this kid won’t stop kicking or punching me in VERY unpleasant places (making those two hour meetings even more fun).

Ok, so in reality it’s basically two things that have me so worked up (and a few nights in a row of not sleeping well, and some petty whining), but I’ve got that thing going on where I’m in one mindset and can’t snap out of it. And of course, it’s coloring all the other things I’m dealing with. I feel like I just need a do-over for today.

Oh wait, then I’d have to sit through that meeting again. Nevermind, let’s just fast forward to tonight then–sitting on the couch watching Lost sounds like a good remedy for my frustrations.

lisa May 6, 2009 at 11:41 am

Ugh, I hate having to deal with health insurance. I’m sorry things are so crappy right now!

Katherine May 6, 2009 at 2:38 pm

Go register. Do something fun related to having a baby insead of dealing with insurance minions.

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