Adding baby to the mix

by Ginger on May 1, 2009

in Becoming Myself, Oh Baby!

Wow you guys. The comments on my post about doing another blog? Seriously made me cry (yeah, yeah, hormones but still). Here I was all worried that I was…I dunno, bothering people with all the baby stuff, and you guys came out with the best comments. Seriously the best readers ever!

In addition, the poll was overwhelmingly in support of keeping the babyness here, so I’ll go ahead and try that out and reevaluate later if it starts to be weird–for me or for you guys. Hell, this whole baby thing is even newer and crazier than this whole blogging thing, so I’ll figure it out as I go. With your help, of course!

I guess it’s just like the rest of my life-I’m having to figure out how to incorporate this new idea of “mom” into the identity I have for myself…at work, at home, in my marriage, and now, on the internet!

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