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by Ginger on April 23, 2009

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It’s time once again for some letters to the world! I know you’re excited!


Dear Facebook,

I am about to crack under the pressure and join your ranks. I can’t believe that that’s true, but I apparently can’t resist more social media. I will tell you though, if you poke me, I will have to punch you in the face.

Seriously, please don’t poke me


Dear feet,

Could you please fit in your shoes please? It’s bad enough I have to buy maternity clothes, but buying shoes too? I don’t have this kind of disposable income, but they kind of frown on flip flops at work.

The girl whose feet are overflowing her shoes,


Dear co-workers,

For the eleventy billionth time, no I am not going to our May trade show. I have told you this exactly eleventy billion times already. It has not changed since I told you yesterday. And, as I’ve said the previous eleventy billion times, I’m STILL going to get everything taken care of. Have I let you guys down yet?

I didn’t think so,


Dear Better Off Ted,

I find it very wrong that I find you so amusing. Your humor is wrong in so many ways, and on so many levels. But you are oh so hysterical, and a bright comedy spot in my heavy and morose hour long drama TV landscape. Please don’t get cancelled!

It’s my husband’s fault I find you funny, I swear,


Dear Grey’s Anatomy,

After ragging on you last year, I’ve stuck it out and believe that things are back on an upswing. Please don’t let me down tonight, I’m looking for good things.

No more fecal transplants, k?


Dear blog,

I know you desperately need to be updated. I see the broken links in your sidebar. I have a feeling something is wonky with your Feedburner feed. I still have a new header just waiting for me to get around to uploading. I promise to spend some quality time with you and fix your boo-boos over the next couple of weeks. Just stay patient with me, ok?

This time, I mean it

Katherine April 23, 2009 at 6:23 pm


Haha, just try and catch me prego!

Kim April 24, 2009 at 7:24 am

Everyone succumbs to Facebook sooner or later.

Kim´s last blog post..Yes, I’m THAT Person

KT April 25, 2009 at 8:37 am

Just join Facebook. Then it will be easier to jump on the next social media bandwagon when it is created. 🙂

And I believe that Grey’s can only go up from where it has been lately. Izzy having sex with Denny’s ghost? So ridonkulous!

KT´s last blog post..Stupid body

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