April 2009

Decisions, decisions

April 30, 2009

One thing I know about myself–I’m horrible at making decisions. I feel compelled to obsessively research, and dissect, and analyze until I get to a point where I just don’t care anymore and just pick the next thing I see. Of course, when I finally DO make a decision, I often then second-guess said decision […]

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I hate being dumb

April 27, 2009

This weekend I was dumb. On multiple occasions, actually, which just really kind of sucks since I hate being dumb. How was I dumb you ask? Let’s see: Saturday we went to ArtWalk, a big outdoor art festival here in San Diego. It was a beautiful day–temps in the upper 60’s, but sunny with not […]

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Should I start another blog?

April 24, 2009

I’ve been thinking about my blog here for a while, and where it’s going (or not going as the case may be). I’ve had RambleRamble for about 8-9 months now, and things around here have definitely changed. Some of those things I hope to remedy soon (I swear I’m going to get back to photography, […]

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More letters to the world

April 23, 2009

It’s time once again for some letters to the world! I know you’re excited! *************************** Dear Facebook, I am about to crack under the pressure and join your ranks. I can’t believe that that’s true, but I apparently can’t resist more social media. I will tell you though, if you poke me, I will have […]

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Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

April 21, 2009

Guess what internet? It’s a boy!!! I had my ultrasound yesterday, and sure enough, he’s definitely a he. I wish we had gotten a picture during the ultrasound of his profile (or anything besides anatomy really) that I could share with you, but ah well, I guess some surprises in life are inevitable. I had […]

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