February 2009

Dear World, Knock it Off

February 27, 2009

How on earth is it Friday, and I haven’t posted anything since Monday?  I set out this week to get back in my blogging groove, to post regularly, to go back to commenting and visiting forums and such, and yet, here it is Friday and I’ve done….none of that. Sheesh, I’m such a bad blogger. […]

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Top 10 things about coming home

February 23, 2009

Home, oh glorious home!! I may have mentioned it once or twice, but business travel wears on me. And after myriad little problems with my hotel during my trip, 12 days in a bed not my own, and multiple co-worker roommates, I was more than ready to come back home. In honor of my happiness […]

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What a wonderful town

February 12, 2009

Today, I didn’t have to be anywhere for work. No conference, no trade show, nothing. It was glorious–I got to sleep in (ahhhh), I met a friend for lunch, and I had a leisurely afternoon all to myself. My original plan was to spend the afternoon shooting pictures around New York, but I gave that up […]

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Living out of a hotel is exhausting

February 10, 2009

Well, I’ve been in New York a few days. I got lucky and it’s been nice here…well, nice for February anyway. It’s supposed to get colder next week, but honestly, by that time, I’ll probably be more sick of living in a hotel than the weather. Living out of a hotel always seems like it’s […]

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Praying for a heat wave in New York

February 3, 2009

Oh, my poor, sad, neglected blog. I promise, I still love you, even though I’m barely around anymore. I promise, soon I’ll be back to my normal posting, back to commenting on other blogs, back to participating in various online communities. Soon darling, soon. I’m buried neck deep in work these days. In a little […]

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