Today sucks and other rays of sunshine

by Ginger on December 15, 2008

in I'm a Disaster

Can I get a do-over on today? No really, I’d kind of like to send this one back and get a new one. Why, you ask? Oh, it’s nothing major (it rarely is on days like today), just the universe sending little mischievous elves to pee on me and kick me in the shins when I’m not looking. Such as:

  1. Not being able to sleep. I don’t operate well on only 3 hours of sleep.
  2. I had to spend my lunch hour in the post office.
  3. We have something like 110 Christmas cards to work on tonight (big extended family makes for a killer Christmas card list). My hand is cramping in anticipation.
  4. It’s raining here in San Diego. Which would be a fantastic change of pace except for the fact that I had to leave the house today. And since rain is such a rarity here, um yeah the driving to work thing was a little annoying. You would think it was an ice or snow storm, not rain.
  5. Oh, and add to that, my raincoat and umbrella both FAILED during my lunch time errands so now? I’m sitting at work with wet hair, and the entire front of me soaking wet. Since the rain was coming in sideways.

There’s more, but I refuse to make this post just miserable whiny-pants all the way through. To offset my grouchy list above, how about a list of things that I’m totally excited about right now?

  1. Christmas shopping = 95% done, with everything that needs to be shipped already on it’s way. Whew.
  2. My photo for the Lines challenge over at Exposaroonie was voted for the most often, making me this week’s superstar! I’m totally humbled, since if you guys remember, I was having a little crisis of self-doubt with my photography around that time. It was a huge boost to see that other people thought I had a good shot. It’s inspired me to work even harder for the next one!
  3. One more week of work before 9 glorious days off.
  4. We had a book giveaway at work today, and I get to come home with 13 new books! Yay to new shiny books that I didn’t have to buy.
  5. I’m having dinner and margaritas with a very dear friend today. We’ve both been crazy busy, and she will be moving away soon, so I’m glad to spend some time with her.
  6. We bought a Christmas tree this weekend, and while it’s not decorated yet, I’m stoked about coming home to that glorious smell.

Alright, writing down my “good” list has put me in a little better mood. Before I go back to the ranty Ginger, I should probably just send you on your merry way to more lists…enjoy!

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