Exposing texture and my shameless sales pitch

by Ginger on December 13, 2008

in Taking Pictures

Well, there was a CLEAR winner in my poll about which photo you guys liked for the Texture challenge at Exposaroonie:

I must say, I was a little surprised…N.C. and I were sure that the rusty screw would prevail, so it was interesting to see how thoroughly this image whomped that one. In looking back though, there’s soooo much texture in this shot that you guys have swayed me that it is the best choice for the challenge. Be sure to head over to Exposaroonie sometime soon and vote for your favorite!

Today will be spent prepping for, and having, the big sale at N.C.‘s studio–it’s our first sale in a while, so there’s a lot lot lot to do! Basically we’re offering up pretty much every piece of art on some sort of discount, which means there are about 50 fine art pieces (some of which you can see in the link to his site), and countless drawings, prints, sketches, small watercolors, etc. We’ve been in pricing hell all week, so here’s hoping it pays off.

*brief interruption for shameless sales pitch here* We’re offering the holiday sale pricing on N.C.’s work to everyone online also. We don’t have the prices up on the site (frankly, I just couldn’t get around to it with everything else that was going on), but we seriously have works available from $10 (sketches & drawings) and up. If you are interested in any art for your holiday gifts (or yourself), just email me at ginger (at) rambleramble (dot) com and we can talk pricing. A large chunk of the work available for under $50 isn’t on the site, but if that’s your price range, email me and we’ll work something out. Just email me names of some of your favorites from N.C.’s gallery, and we can figure out what you’d enjoy. *end sales pitch*

Oh, and if you live in the San Diego area, feel free to come out to Distinction Gallery from 6pm-11pm tonight (Saturday) and check out all the art–there’s a new show opening and 13 other artist studios which will all be open–it should be a good night! Plus, I’d love to meet you!

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