5 TV shows that are disappointing me

by Ginger on December 8, 2008

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We’ve been so busy lately that TV has taken a backseat to other things in life, like blogging, work, art, family crises, and the like. So this weekend, we took some time to catch up on our TV and I have to say, I’m kinda annoyed.

I love TV–I pretty much have shows that are must see every night of the week except Friday and Saturday. But I feel like this season some of my favorites have left MUCH to be desired.

So, today’s list the 5 Shows I Love That Are Disappointing Me Greatly:

  1. Heroes. It hurts me to say this, but dear God what have they done to this show? It’s like the writers decided this season would be opposite season. Sylar would be good. Suresh would be stupid. Maya would be strong woman sex-kitten. Peter would be powerless. And then, they would flip back. And then go back to opposite day again. Why must writers screw around with these characters? Add to that the fact that there are too many characters and not enough character development any more. Look, I’m a great suspender of disbelief. I stuck with this show through last season’s messiness. But it’s gotten out of control with the characters just randomly changing their entire personality, and right now I don’t have any real confidence that the writers/producers know where they’re taking the plots.
  2. Survivor. I know my husband and his best friend may disagree with me, but this is my least favorite season of Survivor ever. I think all the players are lame and their game play is beyond bad. And frankly, there are more disasters of a personal nature than there normally are. I strongly dislike most of the cast, both as people and as players, and have from the beginning. I’m just waiting for this season to be over and hopefully a better batch of contestants to come along next time.
  3. Grey’s Anatomy. This is another one where I feel like the characters are all acting..well…out of character. I give this one a pass over and over again for some reason, but damn, there are some serious problems here. Not least of which is the Izzy/Denny thing. I’m pretty sure I know where the storyline is going, but even still, it’s just too much. Too crazy. Too annoying! I mean, yes I liked Denny as a character, but if the only good storylines the writers can come up with for Izzy revolve around that character, they’re not trying very hard anymore. Hello, daughter she gave up for adoption/relationship with a seriously damaged guy/all the damage she did to her career last year? She’s got all this good stuff in her backstory, and THIS is what the writers are doing? (btw, you must watch this video courtesy of Joel McHale and The Soup. Hysterical!)
  4. Pushing Daisies. Ok, so there’s nothing in this show that’s killing me, except for the fact that it’s been cancelled. So every time I watch, and I see what creative, lovely writing they’ve put out, and I compare it with, say, the two scripted shows above, I get very very sad.
  5. Lost. Because it’s not January 21 yet. And so help me, if I’m as disappointed by Lost when it comes back as I’ve been by Heroes and Grey’s I may have to give up my TV.

Of course, does my disappointment mean I’ll stop watching any of these shows? Probably not. I’ll just bitch about them more and more. I’m nothing if not loyal.

Anywho, that’s my Monday list–for some more listy goodness, head over to abdpbt.listbutton

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