7 ways to make Thanksgiving more fun and less stress

by Ginger on November 24, 2008

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With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching here in the US, some of us are freaking out realizing that between the cleaning, the cooking, and the family, it might be a little…uh…stressful.

Last night as I was planning the menu for the holiday so that I could make the shopping list (after, of course, cleaning so I won’t be embarrassed when the in-laws arrive), I realized that we often make these holidays more work and stress than fun.

So, today, I give you 7 ways to make Thanksgiving more fun/less stressful:

  1. Buy the turkey and all the fixings premade, but pass them off as your own. No cooking (just reheating) means less stress, but if it’s bad, you won’t feel insulted since you didn’t cook it!
  2. If no one else drinks alcohol, be sure to bring your own to slip unnoticed into your iced tea. Not enough to get totally drunk, just enough to make Uncle Jim’s lame jokes funny.
  3. If everyone else does drink, try staying sober…it’s much easier to argue with a drunk person when you’ve got your wits about you.
  4. Instead of calming music, put on Baby Got Back, and see who in the family has the best moves.
  5. If you’ve got digital cable and have the option, hide the channels that house any and all football games, just to see how long it takes before the football watchers get totally antsy about having to talk to each other.
  6. Deflect all personal questions (Are you seeing anyone, why aren’t you guys married yet, when are you going to give me a grandchild, when are you having another baby, how’s the job hunt going?) by echoing the question back to the asker. You know, like when you were a kid? Eventually they’ll give up, and you’ll get to have some fun at their expense for once.
  7. Go sit at the kids table rather than the adult table. The little ones are more enjoyable half the time anyway.

Hopefully, this will help you make this Thanksgiving a more relaxing, fun holiday. And if not, eh, I guess there’s always next year!

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Jessica November 24, 2008 at 6:18 pm

Good tips. I prefer to have it at my parents house because I toss a few back, fake a headache and go upstairs to lay down.

Jessica´s last blog post..Key Learnings, Twilight and holiday lights

Mandy Lou November 24, 2008 at 7:24 pm

This is an awesome list – a much better way to get through the holiday than the usual! I’ll have to give some of those a try.

Mandy Lou´s last blog post..Speaking of Secrets

Typ0 November 25, 2008 at 3:00 am

Thanksgiving is so much easier at someone else’s house! I bring flowers adn a bottle of wine and my job is done. Of course, then you don’t get leftovers but you also don’t have to clean up the mess! LOL

Typ0´s last blog post..The Storm Passes

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