Productive at last

by Ginger on November 7, 2008

in The 9-5

Today I was productive at work. After weeks, nay, months of non-productivity, I had a fully productive day. I emailed, I called, I planned, I coordinated, I managed, I collaborated, I cross-promoted.

I even cleaned off my desk.

It was nice, in so many ways–I hate feeling like a slacker, and I loathe feeling like I’m not good at my job. I’ve been in a work funk which causes both those feelings to gnaw at me. Not enough to snap me out of it though.

But today, I came in with an agenda. Rather than looking at EVERYTHING I needed to be doing (which lately has been enough to make me slam on the brakes and lose all initiative), I just did one thing at a time. One. Thing. At. A. Time. Who knew?

Revolutionary idea I know, but at work, I’m normally a whirling dervish. I often have 10 windows open on my screen, at least 3 conversations going via email/phone/in my cube, and a multitude of things I’m working on simultaneously. I’m often of the “while this program is opening I’ll just write this email oh while that’s sending I’ll just clean up this marketing copy oh is that first program open yet?” school of thought.

Lately this has all been a bit much for me, so my goal today was to just do one thing at a time. One. And when I finished that, hopefully start one more. And hopefully that would snowball into a productive day. It’s kind of like my gym trick. I’ll tell myself to just go to the gym. Then I tell myself, ok just get on the elliptical for 5 minutes. And when that’s up, ok, why not just 5 more minutes? And by only making myself responsible for those little tiny increments, next thing I know I’ve been at the gym for an hour.

Somehow, it worked. I was more productive today than I’ve been in probably a good month. It felt nice.

Let’s see if I can trick myself into being productive on Monday!

Jessica November 7, 2008 at 8:23 pm

My desk is a total nightmare right now. I hate having it be really nasty but I never seem to clean it unless it’s a disaster, so it must be time for a cleaning.

dharma November 9, 2008 at 9:29 am

Yep multitasking can look efficient but more often it’s not. P.S. found you via NaBloPoMO – twitter group. I’m dharmawrites over there.

dharma´s last blog post..Books, we got books!

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