20 reasons I wish it was November 5th

by Ginger on October 13, 2008

in Entertain Me

Woohoo, I’m back to the land of the (mostly) living, courtesy of a weekend full of sleeping, lounging, and pretty much taking it easy. Thanks to everyone’s well wishes, they cheered me up greatly (side note: how cool is this blogging thing where I can complain about something on one coast and get happy feel better notes from folks I’ve never met on a whole other coast? Freakin’ sweet I say.)

Of course, I decided to go and take my feel-better-ness and throw it out the window this morning. How did I ruin things so quickly you ask? Let’s just say that lately, I have a talk radio problem. Isn’t that explanation enough?

So yeah, lately I’ve been listening to the talk stations on my Sirius when I’m in the car alone–this election and the financial meltdown have me glued to news via the interwebs and satellite radio. To (attempt to) be fair, I’ve been listening to a broad spectrum of sides, BBC, CNN, NPR, Fox, CBC, Bloomberg, and one station aptly called Left, and one station annoyingly called Patriot. I’m trying to be fair in my listening habits.

And you know what, this morning I heard so many things that pissed me off that I’m tiptoeing past my no-politics rule on this blog. And to tie into Anna’s weekly attempt at eradicating listlessness, I’m doing it list style. So may I present:

The 20 words/phrases that make me wish I could just nap until the election is over

  1. Maverick
  2. Joe SixPack
  3. My friends
  4. The Left
  5. The Right
  6. Measuring the drapes
  7. Rhetoric and record
  8. Main Street/Wall Street
  9. Hockey mom/soccer mom
  10. Red state/Blue state
  11. Dow plunges (pick your number)
  12. October Surprise
  13. Troopergate
  14. Un-American
  15. The Heartland
  16. Mainstream media/liberal media
  17. Out of touch
  18. Washington outsider or its companion Washington elitist
  19. My opponent
  20. Any word or phrase that ends with a g but no longer has that letter attached


Katherine October 13, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Why you got to hate on the Alaskan accent?

You forgot “Change.”

Ginger October 13, 2008 at 3:31 pm

@Katherine, Yeah, change is starting to be like that word you write/type too much, and then it starts to look funny, and you think you’ve misspelled it, but it’s fine, just overused.

@PauvrePlume, I totally could have kept going, but I was making my blood pressure go up!

PauvrePlume October 13, 2008 at 3:09 pm

haha… I love your list. And I am totally cringing right there with you on each and every one of those. Particularly “Joe Sixpack” and “Hockey Mom.”

Only other ones that didn’t make your list (surely because you only selected 20 out of the gajillions that exist 🙂 are:
a. (un)patriotic
b. lipstick
c. make no mistake
d. good ole boys / ole boys’ club
e. reform(er)
f. drill, baby, drill / mine, baby, mine
g. yes, we can (I’m sick of “can”… I just want it DONE!)
h. yer darn right

Ok, sorry, I need to stop…! 🙂

Tough Girl Kat October 13, 2008 at 5:24 pm

My roommate and I have never fought, but then all of a sudden the elections came around and we started fighting over politics (me, democrat. Him, republican). The tension in the house has been baaaaad since the VP candidates were chosen.

I am just so tired of Palin. Period!

Jessica October 13, 2008 at 7:10 pm

If I hear the words maverick or Joesixpack again I’m going to go bat sh*t crazy. Especially maverick. I hate it, hate it!

Becky October 13, 2008 at 8:11 pm

When Palin looked at the camera in her debate with Biden, and winked, and said she and McCain were a “team of mavericks,” I had a seizure. It was so grody.

anna October 14, 2008 at 3:00 pm

LOL@ mainstreet and joe six pack especially. I am really really hating the maverick thing as well. Why is it so chic to be a dumbass? I will never understand that brand of marketing.

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