Bloodweiser, Bruins, and Black Eyes

by Ginger on September 23, 2008

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This weekend was full of fun and excitement. We spent the weekend in LA, but this time it wasn’t for art. Instead, it was for college football. My alma mater was facing off against the UCLA Bruins Saturday, and after 3 long years of being unable to watch games in person, we were gladly spending our Saturday tailgating and cheering. (Warning: All the photos for this post look like crap. There are 3 reasons: I was using my old point and shoot POS, I was more interested in having fun than perfectly capturing the shot, and probably most importantly…I had sunscreen all over the lens. Eh, what can you do?)

Unfortunately, the game started at noon, so tailgating began around 9am, and included bagels & cream cheese, quiche, pastries, fruit, and a few other little tasty treats (no grilling for us so early in the morning).

I have no idea what he's doing

Oh, and booze, for one of the only times that I’ve ever had booze that early in the morning. Some in our group drank mimosas, some vodka tonics, some cranberry & vodkas. And then there was this:

mmmm, breakfast of champions

Someone in the group named it the bloodweiser. (Scarily, not a horrible drink).

Anywho, after a few hours of tailgating, it was time to head to the game. None of us were getting our hopes up about the game (we’re Arizona fans, we’re pretty much used to sucking at football). We were just there to have fun, see old friends, and hopefully not get totally embarrassed by the team performance.

Never thought I'd get to see Arizona at the Rose Bowl

The game actually ended up being great (as an Arizona fan). We saw scores in our advantage, which was a nice change from the past few years. Even though we were in a section that was full of Bruins, we also had some other Arizona fans around to cheer with. And, for the most part, the Bruins and Wildcats were getting along pretty nicely–there was some taunting from both sides, yes, but everyone seemed to agree (in our section at least) that it was all in good fun.

Calm before the storm

Of course, there are douchebags everywhere, and this game was no exception. Combine a long morning of drinking, hot sun, more drinking, your team losing, and my husband the smart ass, and well, things can go south pretty quickly. Exhibit A:

There was a group sitting in front of us–they came in late and were pretty unpleasant from the moment they arrived. Throughout the game, this jackass and his friends/family were verbally sparring with our group. It seemed pretty harmless, with everyone throwing friendly little barbs (most not even having to do with the game or the teams). But apparently at some point, asshat couldn’t keep up anymore. It’s no wonder, he was drinking this throughout the game:

Aftershave or alcohol?

While it looks like aftershave, it’s actually “Icelandic schnapps”. Anyway, the guy was wasted, his team was losing, and he couldn’t keep up with the witticisms around him. One minute, everyone’s joking about the cheerleader waving the “of” flag, and next thing I know:



I won’t say the guy punched N.C., cuz the assclown was so drunk that there was very little force to the hit. It actually looked like one of those flailing arms “girl fight” type hits. But he managed to connect with N.C.’s sunglasses enough to break them, which managed to catch his eye just right for a cut and (at this point) the beginning of a shiner.

Luckily, my husband’s temper thought the whole thing was kind of ridiculous and so decided not to come out and play. Because the group I was with had cooler heads, we were able to keep captain fabulous and his drunk friends from turning one bad move into something really bad. We were surrounded by people (both Bruins and Wildcats) who were itching to kick this guy’s ass–he apparently is a season ticket holder and a complete jerk every time he comes–so had it gone much farther, there probably would have been a melee.

Other Bruins fans were telling us we should press charges on the guy. Instead, we just got him and his friends kicked out of the game, and we worked with the staff at the Rose Bowl to maybe get his season tickets revoked. Ah, the joys of being sober(er) and smarter than the guy who decided to mess with you. Granted, my husband looks like this right now:

I keep calling him Rocky

But since he was the one who acted with self-restraint and didn’t allow some jackass to provoke him into a fight, we think it worked out ok.

In the end:
Tickets to football game: $43 dollars
Booze for tailgating: $25 dollars
Watching your team win after a run in with a Bruins fan who can’t use his words: priceless


Jamie September 26, 2008 at 2:35 pm

What a big douchebag. So glad you got him thrown out!

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