Like a kid waiting for Christmas

by Ginger on September 19, 2008

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My husband’s been so cute this week. His best friend* is moving to San Diego from Michigan and arrives today after a 5 day trek across country. Every day, N.C.’s given me updates and tells me all about how the trip is going, thanks to daily conversations the two of them have while one is driving through, say, Nebraska, and the other one is drawing on his lunch break.

Ever since we found out about the new job and the move, N.C.’s been like a kid waiting for Christmas. And today has been very much like Christmas eve–so close and yet not quite. He’s more excited about this than anything in a really long time, which is just so adorable. He’s so close to a sqeee moment it’s hysterical (and cute).

See, N.C. has a lot of friends. A crazy lot of friends in some ways, since he’s one of those guys who can talk to anyone at anytime about anything. Plus he’s got a sense of humor and some interesting things about him, so he’s fairly good with the peoples.

But he’s only got the one bestie. I’m pretty lucky, 2 of my closest friends live out here (one in SD and one in LA). But N.C.’s been without a really close male friend around since leaving Tucson a long 4+ years ago. And while we’re super close, I know he’s thrilled to finally have someone besides me to talk to…really talk to.

Now he has a place to go when he wants to get away from crazy wife lady, a place where he can talk boy things (for these two, lots of science, random political stuff, and discussing the most random, theoretical shit). A person with whom he can do all the stuff I’m just not really into/can’t do (may they not break any bones).

And may I just say…

Dear God do you know how good this is going to be for my marriage?

*Until I get explicit approval, I’m declining to name the hubby’s BF out of respect for the nature of his job.

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