Days like these

by Ginger on September 2, 2008

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Today at work was…well, we’ll call it hectic…sure.

Let’s recap the morning shall we?

8:30 am read email
8:31 am see email that shows a serious mistake of the highest order
8:32 am realize that boss is out at funeral and so must shoulder mistake on my own—plus try to fix.
8:33 am realize I’m royally f*^ed
8:40 am get email about database problem
8:41 am realize boss is out at a funeral and so must figure out on my own
8:42 am realize I’m so not an IT person and so potentially royally f*&ed
8:43-9:02 am work frantically at both problems
9:03 am get called to an impromptu meeting where at
9:04 am introduced to new head honcho (um, didn’t know we were hiring someone for that role yet?)
9:05 am realize I need to have a “onboarding” plan done for new head honcho
9:06 am realize boss is at a funeral so must figure out what “onboarding” plan looks like on my own
9:07-9:43 am work on these three things
9:45 am get email about a reporting error that potentially screws some of our distributors
9:46 am realize that boss is out at funeral and so must figure out on my own—plus try to fix.
9:47 am realize I’m royally f*^ed
9:48-10:36 am  work on these 4 things
10:37 am get email about an digital error…
10:38 am-5:00 pm rinse & repeat

Ah hell, I don’t even want to keep recapping. I’m about to run out and play in traffic….

Jessica September 4, 2008 at 7:50 pm

Wow that sounds like my everyday right now. Mind if I run in traffic with you???

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