August 2008

Be patient

August 21, 2008

Rambling will commence shortly.

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What’s that rushing sound?

August 15, 2008

So this morning we had a blood drive at work (I’m not going to get too chatty about squicky details, but I will be mentioning blood a bit by the nature of this post, so if you’re really squeamish, I suggest skipping this one). I’ve never given blood, but I’ve always kind of wanted to, […]

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Neverending dental nightmare

August 3, 2008

Over a year after part 2 of the dental implant process, today I was supposed to have part 3 done–which consists of attaching an exposed metal post to the portion that is in my jawbone. After that, they can (finally) put the crown on. But, of course, nothing with my teeth is ever easy. This […]

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