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by Ginger on August 28, 2008

in I'm a Disaster

Today, after a year and a half of dealing with it, I finished up the drama that has been my dental implant. Hallelujah! Bright and early this morning, I was plopped down at the dentists’ office getting the crown put on after being toothless for about 18 months.

Two things about this. First, the sensations of having a torque wrench inside your head are very very strange. I felt a little like a bionic woman sent back to the shop for repairs. Second, after being without a tooth for this long, it’s like my tongue doesn’t know where to go anymore. It keeps bumping into the crown, like, hey, where’d you come from?

Because this tooth is one of my back molars, I’ve gotten really used to eating on one side of my head–you know, not having a tooth back there makes masticating a little harder than it should be. (ooh, big word alert). So I’m going to have to retrain myself that it’s ok to chew on that side of my head. I wonder if on that side of my jaw, the muscles are weaker now that I’ve not been eating with them for so long?

Despite all the nonsense, I’m really glad I decided to do the implant. After 3 root canals on this tooth and a dentist telling me I could look forward to having to redo the work back there every 3 years or so, the 18 month waiting period for the implant to be done seems like a bargain.

Plus, I get to say I have titanium–in my skull.

anna August 29, 2008 at 11:53 am

So, will the alarm go off in the metal detector when you go to the airport now?

Glad you got your tooth drama fixed.

Ginger August 29, 2008 at 12:33 pm

So far I’ve never set off the detector. So far.

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