Neverending dental nightmare

by Ginger on August 3, 2008

in I'm a Disaster

Over a year after part 2 of the dental implant process, today I was supposed to have part 3 done–which consists of attaching an exposed metal post to the portion that is in my jawbone. After that, they can (finally) put the crown on.

But, of course, nothing with my teeth is ever easy. This time, the post they were going to attach was too large for the piece that’s currently in my head. Since they only way they know this is by going in and trying to attach the thing, we got through that whole process before figuring things out. So now, I’ve got to wait a week for them to get the correct part in the correct size. Oh, and by the way, I now have the post exposed through the gum line. REAL pleasant, lemme tell you.

I’m just so tired of this whole thing. I had hoped to be done with this by mid-August, but now it looks like it’ll be closer to September. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not so bad–I mean, I’ve been without a tooth over there for about 18 months, what’s another few weeks, right? But I hate having this dental work hanging over my head. I just want it to be DONE already.

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