August 2008

The Artist’s Wife

August 31, 2008

Hi, my name is Ginger, and I’m married to an artist. “Hi Ginger” My husband, N.C., is an artist. He paints, he draws, he designs, he illustrates. He works on canvas, wood, paper, vinyl toys, and the computer (digital). He does the gallery thing, the freelance thing, the commissioned work thing. And then some. He’s […]

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August 30, 2008

This evening, I actually *gasp* went out somewhere. Drove somewhere that was more than 5 minutes from my apartment and got dressed semi-nicely and everything. Who knew hell was going to freeze over today? A good friend of mine took me out to dinner, and I chose a place in Del Mar called Poseidon. I’ve heard it mentioned […]

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Who are you again?

August 29, 2008

Yesterday, I got my feelings hurt at work. I know, I know, boohoo. And normally I don’t fall into this crap, but whatever. I’ll say the painkillers made me emotional. Yeah, that’s it. This week we had 3 birthdays in my group, mine and two other folks, one of whom had the same birthday as […]

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Made possible by titanium

August 28, 2008

Today, after a year and a half of dealing with it, I finished up the drama that has been my dental implant. Hallelujah! Bright and early this morning, I was plopped down at the dentists’ office getting the crown put on after being toothless for about 18 months. Two things about this. First, the sensations […]

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Say cheese

August 27, 2008

My birthday ended up being both really awesome, and totally sucky. Bad news first: I ended up with a pretty wicked toothache, so I ended my day with a hydrocodone and bed. Wait, I guess that finished the day off pretty well actually. The toothache bit sucked though, pretty much rendering me grouchy and pissy […]

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