Off Switch

by Ginger on July 29, 2008

in Becoming Myself

I can’t seem to shut my brain off tonight. I’ve been toying with a few ideas lately and they won’t leave me alone tonight. I don’t know if I should move forward with any of them–I’m pretty stellar at starting things and not following through in my personal life–hence why I’m still up even though my hubby has already gone to bed and the cat keeps meowing at me to do the same. (btw, how lame is it that at 11:30 I’m up past my bedtime?)

Anyway, moving on.

For anyone who reads this who ISN’T in Southern California, yes, we felt the earthquake…I was at work, N.C. was at his studio. It’s not my first earthquake, but I was last aware of being in one when I was like 11 or something, so it’s been a while. It was interesting, it seemed to take everyone in my office a second or two to figure out what was going on. My office is right in the flight path for the Marine Corps Air Station down by Miramar, so we often hear the boom of the fighter jets overhead…and they can rattle the light fixtures and such depending on how many jets are flying at the time, so a lot of us thought it was that in the beginning. When it kept going we all sort of figured it out. A strange sensation though.

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