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by Ginger on May 16, 2008

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Wow, I haven’t written a blog since early February. I knew it had been a long time, but I hadn’t realized quite how long. Luckily my readership is small enough that it probably doesn’t matter.

I’ve been…overwhelmed…by life the past few months, and haven’t felt like blogging. On the family side there was a death in the family, my mom has had some pretty serious health issues that still freak me out, & there have been some heavy-duty problems in the family. On the job side, my workload increased, the position to help with my workload was frozen by corporate, my boss quit making me literally the only person in my department, and I almost had a stress-induced nervous breakdown. You know it’s bad when you’re dreaming of work–and not in the general sense, but in the I’m dreaming of sitting at my desk, clicking the mouse, scrolling through actual documents, editing, writing emails I actually have to write…my ACTUAL job. And then there’s always the money shit, the craziness that is my husband’s (increasingly successful) art career, commuting, and trying to have some sort of life.

But as of today a few things have gone well, and I’m feeling…lighter. Like someone has been standing on my chest for the past 4 months, and they finally decided to go sit in a chair nearby instead. Not to say everything is perfect and peachy keen, but I feel like I’m starting to float up toward the surface of the water…slowly. I can see the top, and actually feel like I might get there.

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