Fire and smoke

by Ginger on October 24, 2007

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Well, we’re back to our place, and though it’s filthy with ash and dust, it’s here and that’s saying a lot.

We spent the last couple of days with a friend–the air quality was significantly better at her place, and slightly more removed from the edge of the fire we were (and to an extent still are) worried about.

For anyone interested, we were/are affected by the Witch Creek, or Witch, Fire. The fire got within about a mile of our apartment, and then the wind died down & shifted. We’re unsure if the fires are still burning in that direction or not–if they are, we still need to stay cautious as the winds shift from the west to the east, since that could put us right back in the path.

The air quality is horrible–in some areas we’ve been to it’s light enough that it just seems like there’s a smoker right next to you, but in some areas it’s been pieces of ash in your eyes and down your throat. Right now, I can’t see the sun for the smoky haze, although it’s sunny.

It’s been a sad, scary, surreal few days, and I know it’s going to continue. The fire that we’ve been directly affected by is only 10% contained. 10% of 200,000 acres isn’t a whole lot. And I know from my time in Arizona that containment can change at a moments notice. And that’s only one of the many many fires here. We’re staying positive and optimistic, but at the same time, everyone in the San Diego area needs to stay on alert until this is all gone.

I am grateful to this tragedy in a way though. It sounds hokey and corny, but when we were packing up our car, and deciding what to take with us, it really focused both N.C. and I on what’s really important. May you never have to find out the way we did…but I’m glad to know now.

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