Ah yes, surgery

by Ginger on October 14, 2007

in I'm a Disaster

Surgery went really well last week, and I’m now on the road to recovery–even if I am hobbling down it. I had a nasty chunk of cartilage that was hanging down where it wasn’t supposed to be, causing the horrible clicking and catching. The doctor cleaned it up and, fingers crossed, I should be good to go now.

Turns out my fears about getting up the stairs were unfounded–I was able to (very very very slowly and with the aid of crutches) put weight on my leg that day, so I just walked up the stairs. I think my mom and N.C. were the most concerned that I would be too loopy from all the drugs to be able to walk, but everything went fine.

Now it’s just a matter of doing the physical therapy moves, and getting back up to speed. Might take up to a month or 6 weeks before that happens–I’m definitely still tentative on it and it does wear me out pretty quickly right now. I went back to work on Friday and by the end of the day all I wanted was an ice pack, a pain pill and a bed! So it’ll just be working through that to get myself back in a decent place.

For now, I’m hobbling back to the couch for more video games and some pain killers. Ah, fun.

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