Friday, almost

by Ginger on October 3, 2007

in I'm a Disaster

Well, Friday is my knee surgery. Woot. No, really I’m excited–well, excited isn’t the right word, but I’m glad to be getting it taken care of and hopeful that it will fix the problems. Plus, I get a few days off work. Ok, yeah, that sounds like a weird trade off. What does it say about me that I’m glad to have a few days off work even if it means getting surgery? Or rather, what does it say about my job??

One nice thing about the whole thing is my mom coming out. It’s forced us to clean the apartment–you know, really clean, with mops and such, instead of just the light glossing that we normally do. It tends to happen when we have guests, but then make that guest a mom-figure, and it gets ramped up a bit. It smells nice in the apartment now…ahhhhhh, chemical citrus smell .

Anyways, the apartment is clean, the clothes are washed, work is (pretty much) wrapped up in a nice bow for the week I’ll be gone–all that’s left is the actual surgery. And figuring out how to get up the stairs to my apartment immediately following surgery…


Ah well, if push comes to shove, I’ll sit on my butt and slide myself up the stairs. Hehe, even I’m laughing at that image. Keep that one in your heads for a rainy day kids.

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