October 2007

Fire and smoke

October 24, 2007

Well, we’re back to our place, and though it’s filthy with ash and dust, it’s here and that’s saying a lot. We spent the last couple of days with a friend–the air quality was significantly better at her place, and slightly more removed from the edge of the fire we were (and to an extent […]

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October 22, 2007

As of right this moment (8:08 am on Monday), we are not in immediate danger from the fires around the San Diego area. There are two fires that pose a bit of a threat to our location, and we’re pretty much blocked off from going to work, but as of right now, we’re ok, our […]

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Ah yes, surgery

October 14, 2007

Surgery went really well last week, and I’m now on the road to recovery–even if I am hobbling down it. I had a nasty chunk of cartilage that was hanging down where it wasn’t supposed to be, causing the horrible clicking and catching. The doctor cleaned it up and, fingers crossed, I should be good […]

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Friday, almost

October 3, 2007

Well, Friday is my knee surgery. Woot. No, really I’m excited–well, excited isn’t the right word, but I’m glad to be getting it taken care of and hopeful that it will fix the problems. Plus, I get a few days off work. Ok, yeah, that sounds like a weird trade off. What does it say […]

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