A little melancholy tonight

by Ginger on August 15, 2007

in I'm a Disaster

Don’t know why, but I’m feeling a little sad tonight. I was looking through pics of friends and family, and I realized how far away they all are. I’ve missed a lot, which makes me a little blue. I guess that’s part of growing up–lives that move and change and diverge from the easy path. Its just sad sometimes.

Anyway, enough of that. Instead we’ll go back to the perennial topic: my injuries/illnesses. You’d think I was a hypochondriac, but I’m not. I’m more of a klutz with a wimpy immune system.

But seriously, my knee continues to act up. It’s started doing this fun little catching/clicking/grinding thing every time I bend or straighten it that really grosses my husband out–although, if I’m honest it grosses me out too. The doctor thinks its a meniscus tear, but I have to wait another week or so before she’ll send me to an orthopedic guy. In case it heals on its own. I hope it does…I don’t like the idea of having to go back to an orthopedic surgeon. Lets not make surgery a 10 year habit, shall we?

And on that note, its off to ice the damn thing

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