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by Ginger on July 30, 2007

in I'm a Disaster

Bodies that is? My knee is acting up again. 10 years after my knee surgery–why didn’t I go for the extended warranty?  Thanks in part to the crowds at Comic-Con, I’m laid up with swelling, inflammation, and “lots” of fluid in my knee (wonder what lots actually equates to?). Bleh.  Who knew that an inflamed joint could actually feel hot to the touch? (actually I’m sure a lot of people, but I wasn’t one of them) We’ll hope that the current, non-invasive form of treatment works…

Beyond that little bit of fun, not much going on for me. Spent some time at Comic-Con this weekend–it’s an interesting place, filled with interesting people. Lots of costumes (though not quite as many as popular culture might make you think), lots of cool/interesting/weird/fun stuff (I loved the larger than life sized batman made out of leggos…and the donkey kong tournament was fun), and LOTS of people (normal, weird, geek, and non-geek alike). I actually ended up running into an ex-co-worker from my New York days there–it was good to see her (wish I could have seen her counterpart, but no such luck). N.C. saw a bunch of people he knew, and we got to meet some really great artists, plus he made some great contacts. All in all, it was fun–but I’m glad it’s only 4 days, and I’m glad it’s over until next year.

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