Where’d I go?

by Ginger on June 18, 2007

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Wow I haven’t blogged in a while…boo on me. I’ve actually been quite the busy bee. I’ve been temping since the beginning of June (yay for paychecks)–actual marketing temp work for the most part. Though there was one day when I had to build a shelving unit. I just wish I would have known–I wouldn’t have worn heels that day. The people have been nice, the commutes not as bad as it could be, and it gets me out of the house (best of all! ok, 2nd to the paycheck).

I’ve also been interviewing like a crazy person, and it looks like it may finally pay off. Fingers crossed, after next week I’ll be an employed person, complete with name badge & benefits. We’re still negotiating some points, so it’s not set in stone, but we’re getting close. Hopefully tomorrow I”ll be able to post a HOORAY post. If that happens, I’ll talk more about the company, the job, etc…

Let’s see, what else? Not much else going on…N.C.’s been doing great with the art gig. We met some fabulous people in LA 2 weeks ago, before N.C.’s show. Here’s hoping we get to hang with them again! And it was a beachy keen weekend, pretty and warm, and a perfect way to relax at the end of a week.

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