Getting back in the swing of things

by Ginger on April 18, 2007

in The 9-5

I’ve been interviewing this week. One job I now know I don’t want, one is a temp position and one…well, that interview is tomorrow so we’ll see. I’m definately learning my way around the 15! 

Interviewing is such an odd thing. Here you are, trying to sell yourself, when you don’t necessarily know who you’re selling to yet.  And with the goals questions, the what are your strengths questions, the where do you see yourself in 10 years questions. Seriously people, 10 years? I barely know where I’ll be next month, much less 10 years from now.

My favorite has been “What would your last supervisor say were your strengths and weaknesses?” Um, I’ve given you her name as a reference, and I know you’re going to call her, why don’t you ask her instead of me? Bleh.

Maybe I’m being blase about the whole thing, but I’m sort of just approaching each interview being completely open and honest and sort of blunt. I’m good at my job, and hopefully that will come through. If not, I’m probably not going to enjoy working for you anyway. Of course, we’ll see what I’m saying if I”m still unemployed in another month.

I am thinking of taking this temp position. It would fix a lot of problems–allow me to bring in some money, but continue to look for “the perfect” job (yeah, yeah, like they exist…but more perfect than some of what’s out there). It’s a marketing position, doing basically what I was doing before–the job’s available due to either medical or maternity leave–just for a financial company, not a publisher. I have to decide by tomorrow, so we’ll see. If so, I’ll start on Monday. And then I’ll have to deal with real commuting–and we’ll see what living in San Diego is REALLY like outside the bubble of my apartment.

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