That’s what titanium in my jaw feels like

by Ginger on March 19, 2007

in I'm a Disaster

Well, one dental implant, one (unexpected) bone graft, one week of antibiotics & vicodin, and a boatload of stitches later and I’m finally recovering from my lovely little dental procedure last week. They ended up having to do a bone graft with the implant (not planned, and not so fun), and I now have to have 7 months without the crown instead of 3. Assuming the implant isn’t rejected. Fun.

Anyway, my face is back to its normal size and all the bruising is gone, and we’re now heading into the final week of work. It’s bizarre that I’m willingly becoming unemployed. But we’ll freak out about that later.

The boxes are starting to pile up in the apartment, making it very real (even as it’s very surreal). I can’t wait, but I’m not sure it’s really hit me yet.

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