To the pain

by Ginger on March 12, 2007

in I'm a Disaster

Today is the second part of my dental implant mess. Today is when they go in and actually implant the titanium into my jawbone. Should be good times. Soup for dinner anyone? I’m not looking forward to it (or the next couple of achy days), but I’m thrilled to be taking care of this freaking tooth that has been a problem for at least 10 years, if not more. A few days of pain to not have to worry about it anymore is worth it.

We had a very productive weekend…we started packing (yay!), cleaning out closets and files and whatnot. It makes me even more anxious to move. 19 days and counting…

I’m in horrible shape. After packing up a measly 10 or so boxes, I already am sore and stiff. Yowza. I’ll have time on my hands when we hit California, though, so when not looking for a job, I can test out the gym equipment at the apartment complex. And if no one’s around, the pool. Must get back in shape.

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