Back to the grind

by Ginger on February 12, 2007

in Random

We’re back from our little vacay to San Diego. It was wonderful. A good 40-50 degrees warmer than here (no coats needed!), fish tacos, carne asada, sun and the beach–what more could a girl want? I took way fewer pictures than I normally do, but I’ll post a few when I get around to downloading them off the camera.  Sad that we’re back to cold weather, but the break was so needed that I can’t complain.

Now we’re back, and I’ve got much to do. I have, have, have, have to do our taxes soon–last year we left it way too late and got slammed w/big unexpected fees that nearly broke the bank. Laundry is a necessity too, unless come to work nude day is coming up and I wasn’t aware of it (and if it was, i might have to take a personal day that day!). My bookshelves & closets are groaning, so I need to clean out both. Most pressing though, is all the TV I need to catch up on. Priorities people, priorities.

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