We’re back–ish?

by Ginger on October 23, 2017

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So, turns out my site was inaccessible for…some period of time? Months? Weeks? Who knows. And no one really noticed, myself included, because who reads/writes personal blogs anyway right? :shrug: And then I got (most of) it back, but still didn’t write anything. And then I lost my password, and had some other tech issues, and finally figured out how to get those missing blog posts back, which I want to do for many reasons, not the least of which is the last post that’s been up is from right after the election & ugh, NO THANK YOU PLEASE.

Anyway, hi, don’t be surprised if you see some old posts pop up (if you still follow in RSS–:waves: hi!) while I try to clean things up around here, and at least get all those old posts back so that the blog is “complete”. I’m not sure, right now, what I’m going to do with this space, but at least I can make it accurately up to date (as far as published posts go) while I ponder what my next steps here are.

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Dusting off the cobwebs

by Ginger on June 14, 2017

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Oh hey there, it’s me. Dropping in for a chat. I see…some cobwebs around here, let me just get those out of the way.

That’s better.

So how are you doing? Everything going ok? Family doing well? Good, I’m so glad to hear it!

Me? Oh well, I was laid off last week, so that’s a thing that happened.

Nah, I’m shockingly ok with it. This is the second round of layoffs at the company in the past 6 months, I wasn’t truly surprised by it, and I’ve been so horrifically stressed that it’s a bit of a blessing in disguise. I’ll tell you all about it over cocktails sometime, but I’m…doing good.

What? Oh, I mean, I don’t LIKE being unemployed, but it IS summer & the kid & I have a bunch of plans & N.C.’s business has been going pretty swimmingly lately, so we’re not in dire straights or anything. I’m confident I’m going to find something new soon, something that’s a better fit. I’m actually kind of optimistic about things right now!

Some of my plans are “keeping the kid active & not bored during the summer” related (beach, pool, bowling, library, etc). Some are me related (job hunt, network, find consulting clients, read, write here more [no really, I need to keep my writing skills sharp, this weird blog post aside], hit up the movies, etc.)–I’m going to try and enjoy my “time off” and recover some of what’s been lost the past few months to stress. Clear out the mental cobwebs, as it were.

Anyway, I’ve got to run some errands (one of the perks of being unemployed is grocery shopping in the middle of the day on Wednesday instead of the weekend!), but it’s been good to catch up! Let’s do this more often, yeah?

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Snippets and such

by Ginger on March 26, 2017

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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. I’m not sure anyone even cares about blogs anymore (is there anybody out there?), but man my mental state wishes I wrote here more often.

Things at work have been tough. Things in the world are tough. I don’t know how to make any of it better, but I always feel better when I write. So I’m trying to write.


I’m picking my marketing consulting business back up (know anyone who needs marketing help? Send ’em my way! My rates are super reasonable!), and that’s interesting–it uses different parts of my brain than my day job. Or, I guess more accurately, it uses the same parts in really different ways. It’s fun though–most of my clients are small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives and helping them with ANY part of marketing is a kick.


The kid is both super awesome lately, and also a TOTAL pill. He’s such a sweet, fun, silly kid, except when he’s not, and that part where he’s not is a real challenge for N.C. and me. At least I know why  at least 1/2 my gray hairs are sprouting?


My Wildcats lost their Sweet Sixteen game the other day. I really thought this was their year to go further, but they totally got outplayed.

Maybe next year.


Oh, speaking of the kid, some of his sayings/comments of late:

“Get WRECKED son!” (usually said when trash talking with his dad during games)

“Did you know everything in the world is beautiful? Even if it doesn’t seem like it?”

“Don’t kill that mosquito! It’s a living thing!”


The cat is…getting on in years. He’ll be 17 this year, and he’s finally showing his age. He’s got some renal disease happening, plus some hip nonsense happening & we’re seeing him show some pain these days. With all the rain we’ve had this winter especially, it’s been more common to see him limping along on rainy days (sorta like me!). It’s hard to see Bailey starting to slow down and show pain. I can’t help but wonder how much more time we’ll have with him.


In frivolous things:

–I’m loving Essie’s Gel Coutoure line. I do NOT get 14 days of wear, but I usually get 5-6, which for me is super duper long. I also really love how it goes on–I can legit do my nails in under 15 minutes with this stuff, including drying time. I’ve even had success using the top coat with other polishes & extending the wear time on those (ex: my Julep polishes, which I have a zillion of, usually last maaaaybe 2 days, and usually start peeling off in sheets. With the Essie Gel top coat,  I’ve gotten 4-6 days with minimal tip wear only. I’ll take it).

–I need a new foundation. I’ve liked (in the past) UD Naked, IT Cosmetics CC cream, It Cosmetics CC Powder, and my beloved discontinued Cover Girl Clean Whipped foundation. Do you have one you love & want to share with me?

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Oh hey there

by Ginger on October 18, 2016

in Random

Oh hi. Hey. What’s up?

I didn’t mean to disappear for 2+ months, but, ya know, oops?

Let’s catch up:

New job is good. Commute is short, coworkers are awesome, the work is right up my alley, and I’m learning a lot about a new industry, which is always fun. And yay to employment! It’s taken a while for the family to get back in the swing of having me work full time, but we’re getting in a rhythm, and it’s nice to be less stressed than I was for basically all of last year. I’ve been sick for the past few weeks (stupid immune system is just GARBAGE), but even with that, I’m happier than I’ve been in a while. I’m glad to be in a better place than I was, that’s for damn sure.

J started 2nd grade, and he’s doing great so far (unsurprisingly, said his doting mother). He loves math and reading and science, and tetherball and Pokemon and snacks. He’s in his, what, 4th year of karate, and started rec soccer this year, which he says “changed his life” (we maaaay think he needs to investigate performance of some kind, as he tends towards the overly dramatic at times), but we’re glad he’s having fun and working hard. He continues to be kind (“mommy, I’m going to take some of my Pokemon cards to [new kid he met] because he doesn’t have any. We’re not friends yet, but I thought he would like some.”), which always makes me happy, which is a good balance to all the attitude he throws out lately (“ugh, mommy, I SAID the OTHER one.”), which isn’t my favorite. But we’re getting to test our parenting muscles, I guess?

N.C. has been working like a mad man. I can’t possibly convey everything he’s been up to, but some of the highlights have been being a featured live painter at a major music festival, some massive commissions, conventions, and of course all his usual fantastic work. He boggles my mind on the regular, and I’m so glad to see his career growing. He deserves every bit of recognition he gets, and then some. But I will be glad when this upcoming convention is over, because it means things will slow down a SMIDGE for him, and that’s always good for everyone.

Sasha is still allergic to the world, and most food, poor pup. She’s just itchy allllll the time, but luckily she’s a good sport about it.

Bailey is finally starting to show his age, and it looks like he has some level of renal disease/failure happening. I’m hoping that we’ve got him in a maintenance mode where he’s comfortable and not in pain and that he’ll continue to be my asshole cat for years to come.

Beyond that, we’re all mostly just head down, getting through the day to day, trying to survive the horrors of the election cycle, and catching up on the stuff that languished in the last year.

There, I think we’re all caught up now. What’s going on with you?

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Good news everyone!

by Ginger on August 9, 2016

in Random

For those of you who might have missed it on Twitter or FB: guess what guys?

I got a J.O.B.


A real, honest to goodness, they will give me money in exchange for my work and brain and things FULL TIME JOB.

I think it’s going to be a good one too, not an “I’ll take whatever I can get at this point” job. It’s a senior marketing manager position at a stand up paddle board/surf board company, with some real meaty marketing work and management work, both of which I’m super excited about. My new boss is someone I think I’ll be able to learn a lot from, and I’m super excited about that too. We seem to have a pretty good rapport, so I’m all around excited on that front.  (I’m also pretty excited that the office is just over 4 miles from my house, not gonna lie). EXCITED, clearly.

(And you guys are all excited that maybe I’ll finally have something else to talk about ?. I know I am).

I start in a week, which will be almost exactly one year from when my last job & I parted ways (11 days would make a year, but who’s counting?), almost exactly one year from my birthday (12 days, but who’s counting?). 36 has, legit, been the one of the hardest years of my life, of my marriage, of my career, and whooooooooooo boy will I be glad to put it in the rear view and see what 37 has to offer. I know this past year has given me (and will continue to reveal, I’m sure) a lot of good lessons and things I need to improve on and the like, but I am still glad to finally (FINALLY) be close to the light at the end of this particular tunnel. I’m excited about the prospects of what’s on the horizon, and the challenges ahead (and a paycheck, let’s be honest here), and of rebuilding a lot of what this past year has torn down.

I have a lot of big plans for this next year is what I’m saying and I’m SO EXCITED to move forward.

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